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Photoshop CS5 Magazine Cover Creation Activity

Students learn  the Adobe Photoshop CS5 laying out a magazing cover and digital photography with the spotlight on the following skills:

  • Taking a digital photograph and uploading it
  • Removing photo background
  • Inserting a picture in to an image.
  • Applying blending modes.
  • Grouping layers
  • Adding magazine cover objects
  • Adding texts


Photoshop CS5 Magazine Cover Activity Creations

Zeer magazine cover.jpg
Tew 7-A.jpg
Mon Magazine Cover #1.jpg
Earnny 7A.jpg
Jaonai 7-a.jpg
Magazine mingurn.jpg
Baitoey's nonsense #2.jpg
Famai 7-A Magazine.jpg
BoB magazine.jpg
seawping 7a.jpg
Deedee Magazine cover.jpg


Note: Due credit to owners of pictures used, no copyright infringement intended, for student learning activity purposes only.